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Copy of Evening Ride 01 of 2017 to Cammo Estate

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2017-05 Extra to Camps      https://drive.google.com/open?id=1QY7RtuhDtNk9nE6i6g2zbbChGvw&usp=sharing



A total of fourteen nonchalant nightriders assembled outside Akva for this first ride.  We set off at 18:45 as planned,  and in order to get to the Roseburn path, we took the roads North West from Leamington Bridge, using the zigzags then lights to cross the West Approach Road, Dalry Road then loop round to Haymarket  Terrace then on to the path.    The reason for all that fuss is that we are surrounded by roadworks. The Canal's blocked, and even the miniature canal at Lochrin Place is boarded over. 


Once well underway, we took the Blackhall path to Davidson's mains Park. We were thirteen at that point, because one chap only wanted a sample of part of the ride. We then took  to the Woods that run parallel to the Queensferry Road to Maybury. We don't often do it in that direction, its very pleasant rolling downhill among the trees. Emerging between two new houses, we crossed the giant Maybury junction as pedestrians, slow but save, along Cammo Gardens/cammo Road and into the estate.


The grounds of Cammo estate make a fabulous country park and deserves a lot more time than a bike ride can give it. You can read about it here  https://www.edinburgh.gov.uk/directory_record/377101/cammo_estate . 


We rode to the 'Mansion', which looks as if it had got on the wrong side of a viking fleet, but was actually ruined in 1973. A suitably eerie place to hand out nuts and raisins. Then, riding anticlockwise, we met the ornamental canal (Scotland's only) in an old landscaped garden (Scotland's first), and rode past the rather well preserved stables and past the distinctive water tower.


Exiting the estate and back to Maybury, we rode South through the Bughtlin Estate (Aka East Craigs)  which provide a pleasant way to track parallel to the Maybury road, but riding through trees and no cars.  We crossed the Glasgow road at the lights near the Jaguar dealer, and into South Gyle park. That led us East along the well known and well signposted route - Dovecot Rd, Pinkhill Railway path) to Murrayfield.   Then Russel Rd and the path behind Lidl and the bumpy steps to Fountainbridge.    


This is where we encountered the roadworks again.  We hit a long delay at traffic lights on Fountainbridge, until we could get to Leamington, where we closed the ride.   As usual, most of the riders had peeled off before the end, leaving a cheery group of 6 to head home in semi darkness. 


A pleasant first ride, we all enjoyed it I think, and we look forward to warmer and longer days to come. 


Lead: Jim   Photos: Michael   Trace: Jim   Text: Jim










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