Evening Ride 06 of 2017 to Dalmeny Estate's loch


Second Evening ride,  to Portobello and West Musselburgh, not using Innocent


Thursday, June 1, 2017 6:49 PM BST
Distance: 20.3 miles
Duration: 3 hours, 50 minutes, and 38 seconds
Minimum Elevation: 178 feet
Maximum Elevation: 529 feet
Total climb: 2166 feet
Total descent: 2095 feet

Link to Map https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?hl=en&authuser=0&mid=1GV1x-3gf3eOrv4Vc1WdhNlwHdng&ll=55.96670127487717%2C-3.2828060000000505&z=13





14deg Cloudy Some wind, occasional raindrops (it felt mild) 



Six hardy evening riders set off from All bar One today. The drop in numbers is hard to account for; maybe dazzling sunshine is the new normal.   Anyway,  we set off to the bumps at Fountainbridge, and down the back of Lidl to Russel Road and up the zizags. Once you're on the traffic free paths, that's when the ride really begins.   


We swept down Roseburn path to Craigleith then up Blackhall Path, and followed NCN out the Crammond Brig. Up the slope by the Steakhouse, and then into Dalmeny Park. 



Our goal was a wee loch, than some of us had visited a few years before. It's hidden in a forest called 'New England' and there are no signs to it whatsoever, hence the attraction.  So we rode past Dalmeny House, and then on to the tiny Balbournie castle (you can just about see that it's there),   and slightly further on you turn left, and then left again onto a rough path.  Only 200 yards, but real tough stuff this, with most of us on road bikes!


We reached the lemon-shaped loch after that. Now, while your scribe remembers a beautiful, vibrant loch, with lots of bird life nesting on the shores,  this time it looked a but dilapidated, with a raft of scum collecting in the shore where we stood.   Lemon shaped, but far from lemon scented!   


We had planned to continue North along what the OS map calls the 'Peacock Ride' to pick up the path that exits from the Estate; but the way was barred by a padlocked gate, behind which the way was heavily overgrown, with no sign of use. So we backtracked, and were heading back towards Dalmeny House, when one of us got a puncture.  


After changing the tube, and removing a bit of glass or flint from the tyre, we we just pumping it up when a yell from the owner of the bike, indicated that the valve had dismantled itself with a bang. It turns out that Schwalbe's presta valves have a replaceable core, probably not too well screwed on in a new tube, and our connector-type pumps are pretty good at unscrewing them. So we refitted the valve core by hand, and asked our group for a push-fit pump.  Soon under way!  


We returned to Dalmeny House and then turned right, to take the path North, Exiting the Dalment estate near a house, and then back to the main path, where we turned Westwards for Edinburgh. 




On the climb towards Crammond Brig, we found one rider had gear trouble . Slipping the chain manually on to the smallest front ring, and a little bit of bike swapping, made short work of the climb back towards the Blackhall path, and soon we were saying goodbye to riders at and before Craigleith, and again near Stockbridge,  The remainder rode the oval roundabouts to the West end, Rutland Square and then the footbridge over the West Approach Road and back to All Bar One, where two of us had a post ride beer.


An interesting ride, and we saw something most Edinburgh cyclists don't even know is there. Mission accomplished!  







Lead: Jim  Photos: Jim  Trace: Jim  Text: Jim