Evening Ride 08 of 2017 to Edinburgh Park


Eighth Evening ride,  to Davidson's mains and Edinburgh Park.  Return via Tramside paths. 


Thursday, June 15, 2017 6:38 PM BST
Distance: 15.1 miles
Duration: 2 hours, 19 minutes, and 13 seconds
Minimum Elevation: 280 feet
Maximum Elevation: 525 feet
Total climb: 1156 feet
Total descent: 1254 feet

Link to Map https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?hl=en&authuser=0&mid=1-ZnNRTCUTbklndvnNmGzZGlJVjw&ll=55.947187550695155%2C-3.2614844999999377&z=13





17deg  Sunny  slight wind (it felt mild) 



Soo... it had been a rainy day, but cleared up nicely as soon as we set off. Fine and sunny.  However the poor day and poor forecast had taken its toll on our numbers, we had 7 for this ride.  


We set off along the concrete footways to Akva, and then along the canal, dropping down to the Bumps and going behind Lidl to Russel Rd and the Goldenacre Path. It should be mentioned, the break in the Canal path, was lifted, no need to divert along Fountainbridge. We followed Goldenacre Path to the Craigleith junction, and Blackhall Path to Davidsons Mains.


Emerging into Davidsons mains Park, we climbed to the top of the park and then into the narrow strip of woodland, that conveniently tracks parallel to Queensferry Road. Exiting at Barnton park Cresc., we wound our way through the East Craigs network of paths, coming out near the Maybury Casino. Up to the new Edinburgh Gateway Station, which thoughtfully includes an underpass to the Gyle centre.  


Under the underpass, took us to a grassy knoll near the Water Feature which adorns EP, (only a churlish Knave would call it a Cement Pond). Atop that, we admired the busts of great Scots poets such as   Liz Lochhead, Edwin Morgan, Hugh MacDiarmid and Iain Crichton Smith  which handing round sweetmeats.  


After a while, we returned via the paths parallel to the tram ways, past Jenners warehouse, Murrayfield and Russell Rd.  Then that took us behind Lidl again, retracing our steps to the Canal, and then the four remaining took to bennet's Bar. (Three had peeled off by then)


A nice ride in sunlight, ending in a pub. What more could you ask for?




Lead: Michael  Photos: Michael  Trace: Jim  Text: Jim