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Evening Ride 11 of 2017 to Harbour and waterfront

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Tesco Tunnel and WOL path, Harbour and Waterfront. 



Link to Map https://drive.google.com/open?id=1TKLjkQeSFb_8Ex--hfU0AxUJnG0&usp=sharing





17deg Sunny after a rainy day  10mph Westerly wind (it felt pleasant) 



A merry band of 11 freewheelers blinked in the sudden watery sunlight at 18:30. It had been a rainy day, but the forecast proved accurate and the sun shone for our evening. 

We took off down the bridge over the Western Approach, Crossing the West End and down Bell's Brae to WOL.  Emerging from Sunders Street, we traversed Henderson Row and soon found Eyre place (Sit of the 2016 rides, popped down the Tesco Tunnel and presto! we were on the large system of North Edinburgh paths. 


Riding down Goldenacre and taking the WOL Eastwards we emerged at Leith, near the Manse and the Saturday Marketplace, then Ocean Terminal.  The next stage of the ride was to traverse the Waterfront Westwards  : Old Chain Pier, Breakwater, and Gypsy Brae Recreation Ground. There, a sharp reversal saw is climbing the Waterfront paths and Granton Access,  soon regaining the Red Bridge and taking the familiar fast path to descend at Russel Rd. 


But the Leader had one more surprise in store: after lobbying from the Photography CEO that the ride so far wasn't long enough, we skipped down Mcleod St and were soon running along the A71 (Gorgie Rd). For a while it looked like a visit to Saughton was on the cards, but no; a quick diversion along Roberson Ave and Shandon Pl saw us reach Harrison Park, and its access to the Canal. Back to town and a quick refreshment at Bennet's. 


On reflection, this was one of the nicest evenings we've had; the weather showed mercy for just enough hours to do a pleasant ride and then home. 



Lead: Peter Photos: Michael  Trace: Jim  Text: Jim













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