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Evening Ride 13 of 2017 to Colinton and Hermitage of Braid

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Thirteenth Evening ride,  Following Water of Leith, and exploring the sights of Colinton/ Greenbank/ Blackford.


Thursday, July 20, 2017 6:09 PM BST
Distance: 14.5 miles
Duration: 3 hours, 1 minutes, and 15 seconds
Minimum Elevation: 265 feet
Maximum Elevation: 600 feet
Total climb: 1315 feet
Total descent: 1249 feet


Link to Map https://drive.google.com/open?id=1FEytJfs9xPSKQSDUjYTSmws1pYI&usp=sharing





13 deg   Sunny   10mph wind  (it felt cool, going on crisp) 



12 gathered for a forecast nice evening, if a little cool. We went out the back door (Footbridge over the West Approach, then the West End, then Bell's Brae to the WOL path heading South. A quick climb to Dean Village to avoid the mudslide risk zone, and then we re-entered the path at Sunbury Pl.   This part of the WOl is quite isolated and rarely cycled (a bit narrow) but very atmospheric. We followed it past the SNG modern Art, and St George's School, and emerged at Roseburn Cliff, which despite the name has the smallest number of steps to climb to exit. 


Roseburn Park then led to the WOL path Again at Pansy Walk (after a wee detour near Balgreen) and continued South. But we took the unusual step of going to Stenhouse Mill lane to ride along the West bank of the river (The opposite bank to the official path)  and crossed the Longstone Rd at the lights near Sainsbury's, then climbed Redhall Drive, to get to the bridge that goes from the canal to the WOL path near Dovecot Rd.  It's just one of the ways to bridge the gap in the WOL path and rejoin it.  


Then Southwards down the WOL path, overshooting Spylaw park slightly. Another of these wind measurement sections, or just forgot to take the exit? Anyway from Spylaw Park to Spylaw St and then bridge Rd (B701). We followed that to the Firhill High School area, where the slow scenic part of the ride began.   


There are quite a few thinks to see in this area. First we rode through Greenbank Village, which started live a s a plague hospital, was later the City Hospital and is now posh residences. The Steils opposite, was once housing for the poor.  Disappearing down an entrance to the woods, we ran in the small strip of trees that separates Oxgangs and Greenbank Village. Emerging, we had a fine view of the Pentlands in sunshine. If you know Edinburgh, or study the trace, you'll see we're just going back and forth in a tiny area.  Running down Firhill drive took us to the paths alongside the Braid Burn, and we exited near Braidburn park.  


The park is a valley with steepish grassy slopes either side. Eschewing once again the conventional path (along the valley, fighting with dogs all the way), we took a quick push on the pedals in granny gear to get near the top of the East Bank. The view was fabulous, we could see a lot of Edinburgh and we were bathed in sunshine. Very few people (Not surprising, said one chap, no doubt thinking of the climb) and we would have sunbathed a bit longer, except that the midges were starting to get our wavelength, so we moved on, hugging the East slope like a big velodrome, until we exited at the junction that crosses the A702 Comiston Rd.


Across to hermitage of braid, where we rode a long, if slightly dark, path following the Braid Burn (downhill) through the woods,  exiting to Mayfield Rd. A wee spin North to Relugas Rd, took us into the marked out and signed route back to the Meadows. We closed the ride at Middle meadow walks, where the 20-milers assemble on Second Saturdays, those that aren't guzzling coffee that is. This is funnily enough right next to the Doctors pub. Eight of us exploited this happy coincidence to enjoy a fine, if loud, post-ride isotonic refreshment.



Lead: Jim  Photos: Michael  Trace: Jim  Text: Jim








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