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Evening Ride 14 of 2017 to Waterfront

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Through the rain to the waterfront and Davidsons mains



Thursday, July 27, 2017 6:45 PM BST
Distance: 16.0 miles
Duration: 2 hours, 30 minutes, and 8 seconds
Minimum Elevation: 118 feet
Maximum Elevation: 472 feet
Total climb: 1677 feet
Total descent: 1730 feet

Link to Map https://drive.google.com/open?id=1SJBo0WPZGdvoB0ynUp0tv4dS8xo&usp=sharing





17deg 30 min downpour, followed by dry, cloud   8 mph wind (it felt cold) 



A Drookit Start


Just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean they won't get you! At least that's how it felt to the fourteen riders when, after gathering in sunshine and relaxing and eating chips, heavy rain started 2 minutes before we set off. It grew dark and cold too.  With timing like that, it felt personal - the Scottish climate was toying with us, demonstrating its power to do anything at any time.  Well, if we go out in July.... 


Mike took us out the back door (over the West Approach) to the West end, down Bell's Brae and out along the WOL path to Eyre place, and then George IV park, last year's meet point for these rides.  We took a brief respite from the rain in the Rodney St Tunnel (AKA Tesco Tunnel) to share cakes and sweets as is our wont.  Out again, and North along the Goldenacre and Trinity paths, reaching the shore near the Old Chain pier. The rain was thankfully off by then; alas one third of the riders were off too, having peeled away at various points. I explained to my Aberdonian Offspring that this wasn't our normal pattern, and maybe some folk had just had enough after a drowned weekend.


End of the rain


The Nine Riders remaining headed West, diverting to Hesperus Crossway, Waterfront Avenue and Forthquarter park (a tactic which avoids the busy W Shore Road) regaining the sea and riding to Crammond, and then puffing up School Brae to reach Whitehouse Road and Maybury.


The Enchanted Forest (oh alright, the woods parallel to the Queensferry Road) led us to Davidsons's Mains where we turned right along Quality St and Craigcrook Rd. Novel to many, this nice quiet road runs to Seaforth Terrace, Blackhall. 


The Evening riders Highland Games


Yes that's right. There being no tree trunks available, we simply hurled our bicycles instead. This enabled us to reach the Scottish Gallery of Modern art. 


From here we retraced our tracks to the West End and over the bridge to the start point, where Mike closed the ride.  A small contingent had a beer in the Filmhouse. 



Lead: Mike  Photos: Michael  Trace: Jim  Text: Jim












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