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Evening Ride 15 of 2017 to Leuchold Gate and Corstorphine Hill

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Relive this ride: https://video.relive.cc/8332616111_strava_1501808039577.mp4?x-ref=og

Link to Map   




15deg Clear  10 mph Westerly wind (it felt mild) 




The weather was inclement to say the least during daytime - however this cleared as evening approached and a more than respectable 17 turned out for this, the 15th of the '20 Milers Evening Rides'. (Healthy numbers could be attributable to the fact that this ride was posted on Meetup groups 'Cycling For Softies' and 'Edinburgh Scenic Cyclists'. As is normal, we assembled at All Bar One - and after the briefest of briefings, we set off at 6.45 sharp. Negotiating our way through Rutland Square, Canning Street, Shandwick Place, Stafford Street and Mellville street, we crossed the Water of Leith at Bells Brae. Onwards up the Dean Path to Ravelston Terrace and Dykes where we reached the 'Safety' of the Blackhall/Roseburn Path. From there it was along the well trodden (ridden?) NCN1  path out to Dalmeny. Not for us the, conventional entrance to the Dalmeny Estate, we continued on the B924 to the Leuchold Gate before entering. Approximately 3/4 mile along the path into the Estate, are situated the 'Easter Island Heads' - hedges which have been sculpted over 20 years or so:- 




After a brief sweetie stop - it was on with the adventure. I say adventure - because what followed was a bit out of the norm.

Returning towards Edinburgh - normally, we would have returned through D'Mains Park and back onto NCN1 after traversing the Woods parallel to Queensferry Road. Tonight that wasn't going to happen, we set off on our 'adventure'. At the 'hole in the wall' which allows access for students to The Royal High School from Clermiston, we crossed Queensferry Road and cycled through Clermiston, in a steady ascent past St. Andrews church up to Clermiston Road North. It was here we entered Corstorphine Hill Nature Reserve. About 100 yards into the Reserve there resides a beautiful walled garden tended by 'The Friends of Corstorphine Hill':-


- a group of volunteers who work selflessly to preserve Corstorphine Hill's flaura, fauna, beauty and charm.


Unfortunately, we were confronted by a locked gate and could only admire the gardens at distance. We continued our journey upwards (some cycling - most walking) to Corstorphine Tower where we had the obligatory group photo. Time was limited due to the rapidly failing light, but the leader deemed we couldn't come this far without visiting the 'Rest-and-be-Thankful' with - in the writers opinion - the best view over Edinburgh. Due to aforementioned fading light, compounded by the dense canopy, we descended in almost pitch blackness. This was politely described as 'challenging' - but probably more accurately described as 'Hairy' as we sped down sometimes muddy and sometimes gravelly footpaths which would normally be associated with a Glentress run. That said, we all arrived safely at the bottom with no casualties, some exhilarated and some grateful to be in one piece! It was then on through Hillpark, Blackhall and on to the cycleway at the '5 junctions'. The ride was declared over at Russell Road zig-zags at a shade after 10 o'clock - with 7 'survivors' convening for a well earned refreshment at The Caley Sample Room.


For pictures please see:- https://www.meetup.com/Cycling-for-Softies/photos/28059082/


Michael has put a 'Relive' flyby trace on the Facebook page.







Lead: Graham  Photos: Michael  Trace: Michael  Text: Graham












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